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Helping budding actors and models step into the limelight

The entertainment industry is tough, no doubt.
It’s highly competitive with fresh, new faces joining the industry each and every day.

And as parents and guardians, you do all you can to give your child the best chance at success.

You coach them, take them to auditions and casting calls all over the city, and help them practice their lines or poses.

But there’s only so much you can do, right?

After all, not everyone has experience working in front of the camera or on stage.

Luckily for you and your child, that’s where Bubblegum Academy steps in.

Who are we?

Bubblegum Academy is an online learning platform that belongs to Bubblegum Casting, Australia’s longest-running child and teen talent agency.

After four decades representing thousands of children in the entertainment industry, Bubblegum Casting CEO and owner Adam Jacobs felt it was time to level the playing field for all of those hopeful young actors and models just starting out in the business.

What those rising young stars needed was an opportunity to learn the skills that would help them compete during auditions.

Skills that would put them on the same level as children who were already successful in the industry.

Skills that would see them land the roles and gain the experience that would help kick start their fledgling careers.

And so Bubblegum Academy was born.

What is Bubblegum Academy?

Bubblegum Academy is a digital learning platform that helps young actors and models gain the skills that are key to success in the industry.

The Academy works as a membership platform offering a combination of both live and pre recorded classes.

For a monthly fee, that is less than a single acting class or a snazzy pair of trainers, your child has unlimited access to our full catalogue of pre recorded classes and live seminars/classes.

Live classes are interactive so your child will get the opportunity to get involved in class activities or ask the tutor live questions.

And yes, our live sessions are all recorded so you can rewatch or catch up if you miss one.

Both pre recorded and live classes cover practically every acting or modelling topic under the sun.

From self tapes to modelling poses, and everything in between, Bubblegum Academy is chock-full of resources that will set your child on the path to success.

In a nutshell, it’s everything your child needs to forge a successful career in the industry.

Is the Academy right for my child?

Most kids will tell you that they don’t like school. And even more will tell you that homework is the worst.

But what many of us grown ups don’t realise is that kids are so very eager to learn.

Especially when that learning experience is something that they genuinely want to do.

And it’s even better when it’s fun.

That’s why the Bubblegum Academy classes are all designed to be educational with a healthy dose of fun.

So if your child is genuinely interested in acting or modelling and likes to have fun, well, what can we say other than yes, the Academy could be ideal for your child.

Margaret Forrester,
Summah's mum

Haven’t done a live class but love the fact they are recorded and posted later for those that missed it.

Chita Pacheco,
India's mum

Small class size, good age range, lots of group and 1:1 participation and awesome coach.

Tarni McKay,
Lizzy's mum

The teacher was great with lots of enthusiasm and very flexible to the kids’ needs.

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