Live Classes
To keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, we run all of our live classes through Zoom.

All live classes are interactive seminars that allow students to take an active role and ask questions of the tutor.

Each live class is recorded and available to watch or rewatch within 48 hours of the class ending.

Recorded live sessions will be permanently available in our live classes archive.

Group size for live classes will vary depending on the subject matter so you can expect everything from small intimate classes to large group sessions.

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Our Current Live Classes Schedule
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4:00PM - 5:00PM
5:00PM - 6:00PM
(ages 6-11)
(ages 12-17)
Schedule for Saturday 3rd July and 10th July - Stay tuned for our upcoming July classes!
9:00AM - 10:00AM
10:00AM - 11:00AM
11:00AM - 12:00PM
12:00PM - 1:00PM
1:00PM - 2:00PM
MONOLOGUES (ages 12-17)
MONOLOGUES (ages 6-11)
SCENE WORKSHOPS (ages 12-17)
Lights, Camera, Pose!
Welcome to the World of Modelling! Lights, Camera, Pose! is a workshop to help you nail that star-studded runway walk, and teach you basic go-to poses and expressions to give you that confidence to start your career in modelling.
Learn things that you usually learn on the job after years in the modelling industry, including what it really takes to be a working model that is often rebooked.
You will learn about castings and how to succeed at them, what happens after a casting, as well as the different industry terms used. What to wear, how to dress, and what to pack in your model bag when going to a shoot. This workshop will also touch on staying healthy, skincare and hair and makeup!
Interested in being represented by a talent agency, or are you already represented but have some questions about what happens behind the scenes?

Here is your chance to ask!

The head agent and owner of Bubblegum Casting and Hunter Talent will answer all of your questions about the benefits and pitfalls of the talent industry, take advantage of his incredible amount of knowledge about the industry!
At times, it feels like improv comedy is an underrated skill.

We couldn't agree more, especially for actors. You may not want to become a professional comedic improviser, but it is a fantastic way to release your inhibitions and allow yourself to be fully comfortable with embodying the character and the scene.
For those new to auditioning, and those who want a little refresher, our Mock Audition class will equip students with everything they'll need to know. We'll start by workshopping short audition scripts, developing them and reviewing basic acting techniques before moving onto proper audition etiquette. After that, it's time for the audition. One by one, students will get a chance to practice what it'll be like in the real thing.

Takeaways will include...

Basic Script Interpretation and Acting Lessons

How to prepare your scene for the audition, knowing where to add personality and unique qualities that highlight the performer.

Audition Etiquette
How to enter the room, how to hold yourself up and, most importantly, how to interact with the casting director.

We'll teach talent the ropes when it comes to monologues. Why they are important, how many should you have prepared, how to find the monologue that fits you, and all the other important details you need to know. 

In these sessions, students will come to class ready to workshop and perform their monologues.

Takeaways will include...

What makes a good monologue?

What makes a really powerful monologue and how to find those beats.

How to make the monologue work for you.
Dissecting the monologue and working within its confines to highlight you.

In this fun and engaging class, students will be partnered up to perform scenes.

Takeaways will include...

How to Read a Script
Tips and tricks to find the little nuances and cues that can really help inform a performance choice.

Partner Work

How to trust and creatively collaborate with a scene partner.