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Just wanted to also give you guys and the tutor a great big thumbs up for Saturday. The session was fantastic, very engaging and was adapted very professionally to suit all ages, abilities and technology struggles. Definitely not an easy task, but Michael loved it and can't wait for more :)
Nicole Konkoly,
Michael's mum
The individual feedback and enthusiasm of Austin (the teacher) was all very encouraging and fun! Thanks so much. The scenes chosen to work on were great as they were age appropriate and short. What I got out of these sessions was to give it a go and try new things.

Charlotte Barnett

My daughter had a great time with the online seminars. The self-tape one especially was very helpful and gave us a few handy tips on what to do for a self-tape. It was good to work through examples and letting the kids participate. The Q&A session was very informative too. Must attend for those who are just starting out.
Ganny Abanilla,
Aria's mum
I enjoyed how nice everyone was in the class, and the instructors were really nice too.
Lola Reid
I liked how we introduced ourselves and completed various activities to assist us for potential auditions. It was a lot of fun.
Liana Sherriff
Everyone was very friendly and supportive, the teacher was amazing and the activities we did were engaging and fun!
Lincoln Farquhar
I enjoyed seeing people perform their monologues and hearing the feedback they got.

Yar Acuil
I loved how we could all try and corroborate with each other and others that we didn't know.
Melissa Wilson
Catia liked the advice and interaction with others.

Annalisa Zafferano,
Catia's mum
It was really interactive and informative.

Bec Soames,
Bella's mum
It was fun and easy to follow along.
Avery Roorda
I enjoyed when we got to participate in the tasks and get feedback from it.

Ananya De Silva